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Above you see a few sections, most of them are pretty self-explainatory. There are a few I just want to tell you why I've put them there.

HOME - This page

NEWS - I'll be putting a log of interesting news/what I've been up to here.

CALENDAR - My plans and schedule, time off, trips away, etc.

PHOTOS - As some of you know I like a bit of photography. I'll put some of my favourites here as well as some of my friends' best work

RESUME - Prospective Employers! A must see!

PROJECTS - From time to time I like to play around with software and little hobby projects. I'll list them here as I set them up.

WISHLIST - I hope to populate this with a whole lot of toys I want to get. I'll be listing the best prices I've seen and encourage you to help me look for the best bargains around.

LINKS - This is pretty self explainatory.
What's up Dan?
(29/04/04) Well it's been a while since I last logged what's new here. A lot has happened and more will be coming in the near future. The biggest thing is that Nik and I are now engaged! If you want to find out more details of how I did it or when it will be, email me.

(09/12/03) Finally got myself some time to update the background of my page. This is the view from Kowloon across to Hong Kong Island. I have heaps of photos to post up but don't have time to upload them and select the best of the crop. More shopping and eating out to come, and it's only my forth day... kinda wish I could stay longer.. but can't :( So as Nik and I would put it "BOOOOOOOOOO".

(04/12/03) I'm flying to Hong Kong tomorrow.. hence the background change. I'll try to keep you updated on what's going on whilst I'm in HK, but if I'm having too much fun I will neglect telling you what's going on. Please forgive me if I do. But keep an eye out on my photo page. I will try to put up a new HK section there soon. If you want anything.. email me

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